Miami Beach Botanical Garden         

Nothing rivals the secluded charm of Miami Beach Botanical Garden with its lush tropical plants and flowering trees staged in the middle of Miami Beach. It lends itself well as a wedding venue. Day and night the scent of the jasmine, ylang ylang and frangipani lingers in the air.  You and your guests will be surrounded by flowering native plants. There are koi swimming through a pond dappled with sunlight and a Morris Lapidus fountain splashing over coral stone and moss. The garden was orchestrated to create a peaceful serene setting, and in the evening the lights come up creating an enchanting backdrop for a wedding.  We host about 40 weddings a year and the popularity of the garden as an event venue is increasing as more people find out about it.
The canopied terrace is a breathtaking setting for a summer party, dance, or reception. The terrace overlooks a 100- year-old banyan tree planted by Carl Fisher. It’s a charming setting for a ceremony. In the evenings, through the canopy of the Banyan tree and sea grape, you can watch a beautiful sunset.  The Miami Beach Botanical Garden allows you to enjoy an informal garden event and the garden setting is easy to accommodate any taste.